Ladies, coming face to face with your boyfriend's past can be confusing and unsettling experience. But it is something most of us have to do at some point. So what is the best way of handling this trickiest of such situation??????

Well, that the big question of the day..

Here below, a lady shared her experience;

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Sally 25 is feeling depressed and angry, she has been going out with Kenny for two years now and they have never discussed marriage. All well and good, or rather, it was until Sally met Kenny Ex Fiancée Beatrice * at a party given by mutual friends.

"I felt so miserable when I first saw Beatrice, She was tiny, extremely feminine and had stunning eyes, a perfectly chiseled nose and a full sexy mouth. She was every man's dream. How could Kenny not wish he was still engaged to her instead of me?

What made it much worst was that Beatrice- you guessed it- had thrown Kenny over for someone else." It seems men just go crazy for her and now that I have met her, I can see why I really wish I have never asked to meet her, Now I have seen for myself just how gorgeous, how special she is, I am sure Kenny thinks of me as second best," says Sally, sadly because he goes on and on endlessly talking about Beatrice, " I am sure he still feels bad about being dumped by her, I do not want to marry him, until he is really over her and has gotten her out of his system for good, after all, who wants to be someone's second best?"

Uhhhhhm, welcome back readers;

You can agree with me that Sally was feeling so miserable, because she met her boyfriend ex fiancée.

Ladies, personally, I feel it is better not to think about meeting your husband or boyfriend ex fiancée. I know one might be curious to know how she looks like, but remember, like they say" Curiosity Kills the Cat". Be warned, too much interest in your hubby ex might be unhealthy. It could indicate a strong sense of insecurity about the present relationship and also you might feel jealous to know she once had your man. So, it is better to avoid meeting your hobby’s ex.

With all this in mind, readers feel free to contribute on this issue or tell us a previous experience.